Concrete Staining New Orleans

The demand for New Orleans concrete acid staining is rising among homeowners who are finding out just how versatile and beautiful these floors can be! Installing a concrete floor is much more than simply pouring that dull, gray concrete and waiting for it to dry. There are now so many ways that you can spruce up a concrete floor by adding designs and colors, you really are only limited by your own imagination!

Concrete Staining New Orleans

Concrete Staining New Orleans

New Orleans Concrete Staining is just one of these ways that you can get the exact look you want out of your concrete flooring without breaking the bank! However, concrete staining can be a bit tricky as often, you only get once chance. Improper concrete staining can take just a few minutes to go wrong so it’s important to know how to properly stain your concrete before taking on the task! When in doubt a concrete professional is the best person to talk to about the home owners ability to stain their concrete and have the best outcome.

New Orleans Concrete Staining always begins with first choosing the color that you want to use as a stain. These stains are available at any hardware or home improvement store and can be mixed to create different colors, allowing you to have the exact look that you want! When choosing a color, consider things such as what color the room is where the floor is to be stained and what color will be easy to maintain. Rich browns and darker colors will be easy to maintain where as choosing a lighter color will mean that you will need to clean the floor more often.

Always remember to look for actual concrete staining products. There are many products on the market that may appear to be stains but are actually just paint or film formers. These will not work as well as concrete stain. Stains have tiny particles in it that are actually absorbed by the concrete and can penetrate as much as 1/8″ of the floor. These stains will work much better and last much longer than other products.

Concrete Scoring

Scoring concrete is a great way to give both new and existing concrete floors a new look. Scoring concrete is a simple process of cutting shallow grooves into the concrete. These score cuts can create the illusion of tile or stone grout joints or can even “draw” a custom pattern or logo into the concrete. Scoring is often combined with dyed or stained concrete to accentuate the surface pattern. Concrete can be scored with many different tools, but the most common tools are concrete saws and grinders using  diamond blades.

An advantage to scored concrete is that scoring can be a way to add decorative touches to a slab without tearing out the slab and starting over or covering the slab with other products. It is a very economical and eco-friendly approach to decorative concrete.  It is as permanent as the slab is which means there will be little to no upkeep with these lines actually cut into the concrete, so they are as permanent. Maintenance will involve simple cleaning, which is as easy as sweeping or rinsing, or if the scored concrete is sealed, it may require resealing periodically. Finally, the biggest advantage of scored concrete is that it creates a completely custom look for a project.


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